Sharing knowledge at the Cassava Diagnostics Project Annual Meeting 2016

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Sharing knowledge at the Cassava Diagnostics Project Annual Meeting 2016
Students working on the Cassava Diagnostics Project pictured with Dr Sandy Williams and Dr Jim Weale from the AgShare.Today team

The Cassava Diagnostics Project (CDP) annual meeting was held from 10-12th October 2016. Team members from the seven CDP countries and members of partner projects attended the event in Lusaka, Zambia.

The annual meeting proved to be an excellent opportunity for team members and partners to present updates on their work to date. Project team

members from Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia attended the meeting, along with partners travelling from Australia, the UK and the USA.

AgShare.Today works with CDP students to publish their work

The week before the annual meeting, the AgShare.Today team delivered a week-long scientific writing course to CDP Master’s and PhD students, with a focus on journal article writing.

A pre-requisite of attending the course was that participants had written at least one almost-complete journal article. This  meant that the AgShare.Today team delivering the course were able to offer one-to-one support to participants to help them improve their articles. The team has since provided further support remotely to the course participants.

AgShare.Today runs a project management tools workshop

Following the CDP annual meeting, the AgShare.Today team ran a workshop to demonstrate CDP’s new project management tool to country team leaders. Together, they used the tool to define activities and allocate them to the right members of the team. In turn, the nominated team members provided a status update for each of the activities.

The exercise provided good insight into what CDP has achieved so far and the team will continue to use the tool to update their progress on a regular basis.