AgShare.Today gives seminar to top scientists on new options for data management and visualisation (Jan 2017)

Crop researchers attending the AgShare.Today data visualisation seminar at the 2017 Plant and Animal Genome conference

Every year in January, genetic scientists from over 50 countries gather in San Diego for the Plant and Animal Genome conference. This huge gathering offers the AgShare.Today team the perfect opportunity to meet researchers from our partner projects. Attending the meeting also allows us to discuss current work and update partners on the latest tools for data and knowledge management available through the AgShare platform.

This year, three members of the AgShare.Today team delivered a seminar to 22 donor representatives, research scientists and project team leaders. The seminar showcased a set of tools available free to AgShare members to help them to capture and analyse clean, validated data.

Used together, these tools seek to combine research methodologies and sampling protocols, with mobile apps., well-managed databases and data visualisation technologies. The ultimate aim is to ensure that clean data is both efficiently gathered and fully explored.

“This is important,” said one audience member, “because it helps us to better handle both quantitative and qualitative data” in order to explore both “farmer perceptions and crop performance”.

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