What We Offer

AgShare.Today offers a range of useful tools and services to its member projects. These tools are available to all members of the AgShare.Today community to help advance their research and manage their projects. Explore some of the great services on offer below.  

Funding Finder Tool

The AgShare Funding Finder Tool is a database of carefully curated grants and funding opportunities relevant to research areas across the AgShare member projects. The Funding Tool is updated weekly to ensure AgShare members have ongoing access to the latest funding opportunities to suit their needs. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, the Funding Tool helps users across AgShare find new sources of funding.

Primers Database

The AgShare Primers Database contains a collection of useful sequencing primers. Members of the AgShare community can use the Primers Database both to share primers and discover primers being used across AgShare member projects. The database currently contains a range of primers relating to banana, cassava, phaseolus, sweet potato and yam crops.

Data Visualisation

Many of AgShare’s member projects have conducted surveys across several African countries to establish the prevalence of viruses affecting crops such as cassava and sweet potato. The AgShare.Today team helps these projects to display their survey data with visualisations, including dynamic maps. These visualisations help researchers manage their data and identify patterns in their results. 

Roots, Tubers, Viruses and Vectors Library

The Roots, Tubers, Viruses and Vectors Library contains thousands of resources relating to a range of research areas, many of which are available exclusively to the AgShare community. These articles can be easily accessed by all AgShare members to help support their work. The Roots, Tubers, Viruses and Vectors Library is constantly being updated with the latest research and new resources supplied and requested by AgShare members.

Writing Courses

For member projects aiming to publish papers or those training MSc and PhD students, AgShare provides support through two and three-day writing training courses led by AgShare’s experts in scientific writing. These courses are taught locally in project’s host institutions to help them promote their research by building skills in journal article, proposal and thesis writing. 


On Yammer, AgShare’s moderated internal forum, members can connect with other expert researchers and share knowledge across the community. AgShare users can ask for advice, talk to their colleagues and stay up to date on the latest developments in their field. Yammer is also available via a mobile app, allowing AgShare members to communicate, post updates and upload photos from wherever they are.

Office 365 Software

Every AgShare user gains access to a full Office 365 subscription when they join the AgShare platform. This subscription includes the latest business versions of Office 2016 programmes such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint to help AgShare researchers work more efficiently. This is combined with up to 1 TB of personal storage on OneDrive so users can back up their work and work on their files seamlessly, online and offline, between their office desktop and laptop computers.

Useful Resources Library

The Useful Resources Library is a resource centre available exclusively to AgShare members. It contains a range of reports and guides designed to inform researchers’ work and help them manage their projects. These resources include protocols created and tested by scientists across the community, guides to improve statistical analysis of large datasets and user manuals to help AgShare members get the most out of Office 365 and the AgShare platform.

Contact Network

The AgShare contact network is freely accessible to all members of the platform to allow them to contact and collaborate with scientists around the world. Users can search through hundreds of AgShare members to find experts to work with on their current project or next proposal.

Survey Data Apps

For projects conducting surveys, AgShare offers customised apps that make collecting data a quick and easy process. AgShare’s survey data apps help its member projects collect clean data quickly with entries that automatically back up to the cloud to prevent data being lost.

Project Legacy

The AgShare.Today platform also works to support the legacy of member projects after they close. Once a project ends, its members retain full access to all their project documents and information in a secure legacy area on the AgShare site. Users can refer to this legacy area to help them build on essential work that might otherwise have been lost to future projects.

Editing & Mentoring Service

The AgShare Editing and Mentoring Service provides all AgShare member projects with support in the writing of key project reports and publications. For those projects struggling to publish in high-impact journals with their work, AgShare’s team of scientific writing experts offer help planning, writing, editing and proofreading drafts to give the best chance of being accepted by a high impact journal.   

Dedicated IT Support

AgShare member projects also benefit from dedicated IT support from AgShare’s expert team. Support sessions can be delivered in-person or via skype to help users make the most of AgShare and stay connected to the platform. AgShare’s team are available to help members set up their accounts, troubleshoot local IT problems, back up their work to OneDrive and more.

If your project is funded by the Gates Foundation and you are interested in becoming part of the AgShare.Today community, please contact m.millan@agshare.today.