Push–pull technology: animation

Push–pull technology: animation

A short film produced by ICIPE (International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology) and published in 2015. Maize farmers face two big problems: striga weed and stem borer moths. This short animation depicts the damage caused by stem borer caterpillars and striga weed in maize plantations. Suggestions to mitigate the damage caused by both pests include intercropping with Desmodium and planting Napier grass. The benefits of these plants against both pests are manifested above and below ground. An additional benefit of Desmodium is that, as a legume, it fertilises the soil and so helps crop cultivation.

Region: Kenya
Date published: 2019
Published by: ICIPE
Type of resource: Video
Resource topic: Maize

Project/Programme: Not specific
Pest/Disease: Stemborer and Striga
File type: External link

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